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We stayed at the Klamath River RV Park for several days and toured the area extensively. On our last day, we made the drive up Requa Road to the Klamath River overlook. WOW, what a breathtaking site! Once up top, you can see the Pacific Ocean in all its glory as well as the Klamath River dumping into it. This is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset!Visited September 2015

Klamath River  RV  Park   is located “Right on the River”, ideally located near the California National Redwoods Park  with nearby beautiful ocean beaches, hiking trails, a nature lovers paradise.    The Klamath River offers world renowned salmon fishing, spectacular scenery.

Our Park offers several RV and Tent sites, up to 60' in length, WiFi available throughout the Park,  Clubhouse, Laundry, Hot Showers, Boat Docks and Boat Ramp are available during fishing season.

​​​Klamath River  RV  ParkRv & tent camping


During the latter days of the California Gold Rush, increasing numbers of miners began working the Klamath River and its tributaries. Steamboats operated briefly on the large lakes in the upper basin before they were replaced by railroads in the late 19th century. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the upper basin became a rich agricultural region, and many dams were built to provide irrigation water and hydroelectric power. In the 1960s, the Klamath was targeted as part of a much larger scheme to augment water supplies in central and southern California; however, these works never materialized.

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All About Fishing.

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Klamath River RV Park

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The  Mighty Klamath River   is one of only three rivers that begins east of theCascades and flows into the  Pacific Ocean

​The Klamath River is the most important coastal river south of the Columbia River for anadromous fish migration.

Its salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout have adapted to unusually high water temperatures and acidity levels relative to other rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

The numerous fish were a major source of food for Native Americans, who have inhabited the basin for at least 7,000 years.

Prairie Creek

    3.5Miles South

from our location

Klamath River RV Park is family owned and operated. We offer a personal, friendly, clean, quiet and safe Park in the best location in the Klamath area. The owners and staff are here to exceed your expectations of the RV'ing experience.

Klamath River RV Parkin Klamath, CA

High Bluff Overlook Picnic Area.

5 MINUTEdrive from our location

We are Ideally located near the California National Redwoods Park

Klamath River RV Park in Klamath, redwoods national park, recreational vehicle facilities  in klamath


Located just minutes from

Fishing, bird watching, the coastline, and the world famous ancient California redwood forests,

Klamath River RV Park is the

perfect location from which to enjoy all that the

California North Coast has to offer.


Isn’t this nice? Being surrounded by verdant trees, silken grass, hearing your own heart beat. You can look out as far as the eye can see with nothing but nature’s undisturbed beauty. 

River View pictures from our park.

Klamath River R.V. Park  Right on the River

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