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Fish and Game Commission Adopts Central Valley and Klamath River In-river Sport Fishing Regulations

From:  California Department of Fish and Wildlife News

April 21, 2015

The California Fish and Game Commission adopted changes to the Central Valley and Klamath River basin salmon sport fishing regulations for the 2015 season on Friday, April 17. The changes include fall-run Chinook quotas, bag and possession limits, and restrictions at the mouth of the Klamath River (spit area) and in the main stem Klamath River in the vicinity of Blue Creek. The only change to the Central Valley regulations is an increase in the possession limit from two to four salmon. All other Central Valley regulations remain unchanged from last year.

The Klamath basin sport fishing quota for adult fall-run Chinook salmon is 14,133 fish. This represents a 250 percent increase over last year’s salmon quota and allowed for an increase in daily bag limit. The daily bag limit for fall-run Chinook salmon is three fish, no more than two adults (greater than 22 inches) and the possession limit is nine fall-run Chinook salmon, no more than six adults. The 2015 sport fishing season for fall-run Chinook salmon will run from Aug. 15 through Dec. 31 on the Klamath River and Sept. 1 through Dec. 31 on the Trinity River.

The Commission adopted two new restrictions for Klamath anglers, one recommended by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) in regard to the spit area and one in the main stem Klamath near Blue Creek recommended by the Yurok Tribe. The new spit area restriction limits anglers to “catch and keep” for all legally caught Chinook salmon. Additionally, once anglers have retained two adult Chinook salmon greater than 22 inches or their total daily bag limit they must cease fishing in the spit area.

The Commission reviewed two key proposals for Blue Creek. CDFW’s, which requested a joint focused study to determine hook and release mortality in the Blue Creek area and the Yurok Tribe proposal to implement a conservation closure. The Commission selected the Yurok Tribe proposal to close all non-tribal sports fishing in the Blue Creek area from June 15 through Sept. 14 from ½ mile below to 500 feet above the confluence of Blue Creek and the Klamath River. From Sept. 15 through Dec. 31 the closure is 500 feet above and below Blue Creek. The Commission adopted the proposal as a conservation measure.

The Klamath fall-run Chinook quota is subdivided into sub quota areas within the basin.   The lower Klamath River (mouth to Weitchpec) will receive 50 percent (7,067 fish) of the quota, the upper Klamath River (upstream of Weitchpec) will receive 17 percent (2,403 fish) of the quota and the remaining 33 percent (4,663 fish) is allocated to the Trinity River, split between the lower (Trinity confluence to Cedar Flat) and upper Trinity (upstream of Cedar Flat). The mouth of the Klamath River (spit area) will receive an allocation of 2,120 adult fall-run Chinook which is inclusive of the lower Klamath River sub area quota.

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No changes are proposed for the Klamath River spit area.
No changes are proposed for the Blue Creek area.  
The following changes to current regulations are proposed:
KRFC QUOTA MANAGEMENT: Seasons, Bag and Possession Limits.  For public notice requirements, a range of KRFC bag and possession limits are proposed until the 2017 Klamath River Basin quota is adopted.  As in previous years, no retention of adult KRFC salmon is proposed for the following areas, once the subquota has been met.  
The proposed open seasons and range of bag and possession limits for KRFC salmon stocks are as follows:
1. Klamath River - August 15 to December 31

2. Trinity River - September 1 to December 31

3. Bag Limit - [0-4] Chinook Salmon – of which no more than [0-4] fish over 22 inches total length may be retained until the subquota is met, then 0 fish over 22 inches total length.

4. Possession limit - [0-12] Chinook Salmon of which [0–12] fish over 22 inches total length may be retained when the take of salmon over 22 inches total length is allowed.

Salmon fishing

The Lower Klamath River is one of the best areas in California to fish for steelhead. Fisherman target ocean-fresh steelhead starting mid-July and ending in early November. Klamath steelhead are a mix of adult fish from 3 to 12 pounds and half-pounders (juvenile steelhead in the 12-18" size range.) People primarily use spey rods for this type of fish. One of the great things about the Klamath is that you can do very well with floating lines and small traditional steelhead patterns.